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BluePort Altea

Altea Hills Estate welcomes you!
We are finally ready for you! It’s been a hard year’s work, and we have literally moved mountains and firmly anchored the bases of what is now a totally solid and sound construction.

BluePort Altea is a firm bid for a better life, with all the guarantees laid out above board. A project that has involved painstaking care in every design decision, in every phase of construction and every choice of materials.

And to this we can add the outstanding track record of the interior designer Eric Kuster, Metropolitan Luxury, whose prestige and fame has travelled the world. We signed an on-going agreement to work together so that each of our villas would be crowned with beauty and harmony. Designers like Eric Kuster, combined with state-of-the-art technologies such as a geothermal energy sources, makes BluePort Altea one of the most sought-after projects in the world.

BluePort Altea spells luxury, exclusivity, incomparable views, peace and quiet, and surroundings that are simply dreamlike, with leisure options, services, amenities, links and cosmopolitan environs that give owners all the pleasure of enjoying an enviable climate while delighting in the Mediterranean culture at its best.

This is all here now. Come and see us. It’s a dream you will never want to wake up from.
For more information please go to  www.blueportaltea.com.

BluePort Altea

BluePort Altea

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