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"We were impressed, the level of service of Meg van Amstel exceeded my expectations. The warmth and the support with the maintenance issues we appreciated so much."

- Walters family, UK

"The presentation of your house cannot be better than on the website of Meg van Amstel. We really liked the website features and the web presence in general, it gives your property more value and possible buyers are more attracted."

- Adams family, US

"There is nothing more we could ask for. The website of Meg van Amstel highlighted not only the positive features of our property but it also provided information about the neighborhood and the community features."

- Gonzales family, ES

"Family referred us and they told us about the well-known real estate, Meg van Amstel in Altea and she told us about the attention for detail the company has.  Even when you want to visit it, the company will help you finding a good hotel to stay, they do everything they can to help you."

- Halter family, GE

"When we wanted to sell our house with Meg van Amstel, we had no idea how we could manage to sell our house. The people of Meg van Amstel supported us and helped us through the whole selling process. It was a wonderful experience."

- Gilg family, FR

"By Meg van Amstel you are in good hands. They think of all the little things that can make a difference to sell your house. I would not hesitate to work with the real estate again if I have a house available for sale."

- Janssen family, NL

"During the selling process nothing was missed. We already recommend your services to our friends who are looking for a second home in Spain because we had a good experience working with your company."

- Knacks family, FI

"Meg van Amstel helps your house to shine and make it attractive to possible buyers. They put a lot of effort in their relationship with their clients. Meg van Amstel did a great job by giving me good advice and they met my expectations."

- Poetin family, RU